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April 27, 2011


Man accused of firing on reality TV show film crew identified

(Thanks to Chris Elzi)


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what did he identify? help, mr language person. bad syntax here.

Star of "Thugs Who Can't Shoot Straight".

2900 block of Vigilante Court,

I can kind of sympathize with this guy. A couple of years ago there was an estate sale at a house located down the road from my home. Everyone decided to use my front yard as a parking lot and a couple of cars knocked over my fence. I was outside screaming like a lunatic. I'm surprised I didn't make the blog that day as a featured story.

Years ago when I was with the Health Department, we had a news truck from a TV station park in our parking lot while the news people were looking for me.
Since they didn't have a clue what I looked like, I had a little fun with them.
I finally did admit who I was but told them most of the rumors of what I had said were untrue. By then, they just wanted to go home.
But they did park this big van in the lot, causing a ruckus and taking up space.
Basically, there were two types of people around the truck; those who wanted it to go away and those who wanted to be on television.

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