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April 29, 2011


Evil ninjas terrorise Pittsburgh

(Thanks to Brett)


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Ninjas came and tagged a second H to create Pittsburghh. Now every library in the world has to buy new maps to reflect the metatag.

And why would I possibly have reason to care? It's PITTSBURGH, fer cryin' out loud!

"...narrowing his eyes as a menacing, discordant note escaped an unseen shakuhachi flute."
This writer needs to lay off the R0ckstar energy drinks.

'A spate of mysterious crimes carried out by ninjas has left Pittsburghers annoyed and confused.

UPDATE: Rare Pittsburger Attack

Flipping over job well-done police beef up security as tempers flare. Pittsburgers grilled for clues, suspects raked over coals.

Pittsburgh...Scranton without all the glitz.

One never sees a real ninja.
'Cause they still play in mom's basement.

Where's Chuck Norris when you need him?

I heard in Pittsburgh it's pronounced "nin-yuns".

Hey people. I used to live in Pittsburg. I know what a hoagie is and say "warsh" for "wash". You're no Pittsburg. And I'm not a ninja.

LeDud, Did you live in Pittsburg California? Was that the Pittsburg you lived in?

Mrs Loudmouth is from South Hills near the Tubes. Haven't been there in a while, but we never seen no drunk ninjas over at the GInt Iggle. 'sides some Stiller would prolly kick his ace up Mt. Washington an down the Incline into the Yoch halfway to the Point.

I've been to (well, drove past) Pittsburg, Nodak ... but there's nobuddy's lived there for a long time ... merely a former stop for cream can pickup on the RR trax ...

For the record I lived in McKeesport and White Oak PA. about 10 miles from Pittsburg. Go to Kennywood amusement park. Great place for roller coasters and you can do it in a day. Some rides are from the 30s.

& for the record I saw Roberto Clemente & Willie Stargell at Forbes Field :)

as a very little girl, of course

KDKA radio anyone?

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