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April 25, 2011


Man walks into Walgreens, urinates on cough drops

(Thanks to B'game)


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Well, Walgreens knocked 10% off the price of the cough drops, so what's your complaint?

"Honey, what flavor cough drops do you want? Menthol or pee?"

No lie... I just read this headline elsewhere, and thought: "I bet that would amuse Dave..."

"These drops have a bit of a wang to them."

Were they Hall's Eewwwwcalyptus?

The story left out the telling detail: They were on the top shelf.

You gotta draw the line somewhere. That guy did it the old fashioned way.

Now playing: "Urine the money, urine the money..."

Ewwwwwwww, Don't forget to wash your hands after facing isle 9.

Can we all pee on the spammer?

It was appropriate as the customer was pissed off about his sore throat.

Smith Bros were not amused.

Was there even a doubt that this would be in Florida?

Actually Messrs. Smith & Smith were pissed.

...as is his fundamental human right.

...shockingly alcohol may have been involved.

...guess which state?

O/T: I did NOT make that comment above.

Note that I use a space between.

Poor way to express an opinion. Being pissed and having pissed are not quite the same thing.

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