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April 28, 2011


Female dogs smarter than males? Maybe, study says

(Thanks to MOTW)


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Conflicting evidence confirms Behar is no Einstein.

well, duh.

Who's a good girl, huh? Who's a good girl? LUCY is!

Lucy wants a belly rub!


*smacks bonmot with newspaper*
Down, boy!

just let 'em go like his balls in the corner & he'll be fine.

(...the dog, not bonmot)

"completely normal family dogs" -- a phrase that eliminates our Wheaten from the pool.

If I could bend over that far I'd never leave the house.

or the Senate.

In the Senate they lick each others.

Well, my wife can make up names for "colors" that I know don't exist.
Most of them she gets from flowers and foods.

When I read the line, "Female dogs smarter than males?", I thought, "Yeah, probably." Then I read the article and realize they were talking about male _dogs_. Still applies.

I agree with bfwebster. Bonmot sit! Stay!

When then is my female puppy humping my leg?

A very funny day on the blog, I must say.

Interestingly enough, Lassie is male.

Hmmmm, nicotine or lasers...I'll keep my habits laser-free thank you

Where in the H3ll are they going to shoot lasers ? Maybe they melt you tongue which hampers smoking. And what does that have to do with bitches ?

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