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April 29, 2011


Here's my analysis. Feel freed to add yours below.


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Yeah, but with so much royalty gathered all in one place, it's difficult to imagine the media behaving otherwise.

I mean, you've got the King & Queen of Norway, the King & Queen of the Netherlands, the Dukes of Hazzard, the King of Spain, B.B. King, the Prince of Monaco, the Artist Formerly Known as Prince, Queen Latifah, .....

I enjoyed the off the cuff remark by Roger (forget his last name), the British guy on Morning Joe, who said when Charles and Camilla appeared, "Britain, living up to its reputation as the Worst Dressed Nation in Europe."

That hat!

Deer poops are not that little.

Don't try to lay no boogie woogie on the King of Rock 'n Roll.

I saw a picture the other day of a table full of reeeally homely, dull looking Brit royal hangers-on and thought "does this girl know what she's getting into?"

Deer poops are not that little.

Posted by: Cheesewiz | April 29, 2011 at 08:42 AM

Neither is Camilla's hat.

All these hats looked a lot like an Alice in Wonderland tea party with T.Leary sugar cubes.

I'll bet Barack Obama is glad he sent that bust back now.

I caught a few minutes when the archbishop was on and all I could think of was wuv, twu wuv.

Speaking of poops - somebody please give Camilla a stool softener, she looks a bit stopped up.


they jeth wanna thee 'im thumper

I heard one of the commentators say that Prince Charles has never put his own toothpaste on his toothbrush.

I wonder who holds his wanker when he pees.

Oh gawd, now I need brain bleach.

a wedding??

There's an NFL DRAFT going on!!!!

Princess Kate joins the British royal welfare class. Platinum food stamp card.

The movie "Them!"is on TCM this morning--much more realistic and enjoyable.

Thanks, Punkin. I really did not need that image.

(ps - Camilla, of course)

well, my agency doesnt allow us to twitter from work. so i dont know what you wrote dave. but i didnt watch any of it. gigantic who gives a fig! hope they are happy, etc. i will say that because of british health care system, they both appear to have teeth. think of it if they didnt.(there's a pucture) and at least prince whassis isnt related to carmella or camilla or whatever her name is. yoikes.
All these upper class wankers are inbred and related probably. Upper class twits of the year comes to mind.

My wife asked me yesterday if I had watched the wedding. I had to ask her what she was talking about.
I didn't really know about the wedding because I hadn't paid attention.
She had no idea when it was.
Senior moments or lack of interest?
BTW, I don't really like weddings. Does any real man? I mean unless there's an open bar and questionable attendants?

I'd like to offer the happy couple the gift of a container ship loaded top-full of UK republicanism.

I think that they are a sweet couple and the wedding was lovely and tasteful.

Any 'splosions?



I prefer the Royal Weeding . . .

"La-dee frickin' dah. I was still the Queen last time I checked."
- Queen Elizabeth II

well, i'm FROM queens. those people dont look nuthin like anybody where i come from.
and i guess i was thinking different kinds of queens...

Deer's poops are small compared to elk's poops and moose's poops ...

Feckin' Royals ... Feckin' Brits ... ERIN GO BRAGH!! UP THE REPUBLIC!!!

"Questionable Attendants" WBAGNFA ... small-town wedding-dance band ...

Feckin' eejits ...

No, I did NOT watch any of the wedding ... why would I wanna? I WORK for a livin' ...

Not to be defensive, but: I'm talking about FAWN poops.

There was a wedding?

Oh! FAWN poops... that's a different matter entirely!

Wait.. what? Oh, I get it. FAWN poops... cuz they are... you know. Nevermind.

Why is her wedding day the only time it's socially acceptable for a woman to pull a train?

Fawn poops are cuter and smell better than this wedding foppery. Plus they are usually accompanied by fawns, one of the cutest babies on the planet. Unless you have to feed them every couple of hours.

(Yay- Dave tweets! I did not know that. One of the few people worth following...not stalker following, but at a court-ordered distance following.)

Deer poop that's funny.Well they are finally married. I wonder how long we will hear about it. I enjoyed spending my time watching Mitch's play "Ernie" last night. Great opening night Dave.

Little deer poops, You don't know what I got.

I hear the Royals (Britain, not Kansas City) have footmen to rub their feet and poopman to do their dirty business.

That's what I heard.

Siouxie told me.

Annie told her.

Yah, gotta go along with the premise that fawn poops are smaller ... tho not necessarily "cuter" ... poop is poop is poop — Gertrude (John) Stein

bonmot - my new BIL kinda wondered about that same idea the day I married his sister ... nice guy, eh?

O - ew.

Why can't every man be like Prince William??!!! I've been waiting for my Prince to come but I'm beginning to think he's either been sidetracked or his horse has died. I wanna ride in a carriage with millions fawning over me! I just don't want to have to get married to do it. Some of the hats are atrocious and I have a feeling some hat makers are having a good laugh. The music was beautiful though and I wish them both nothing but happiness.

Ralph: Excellent Beach Boys reference.

OMG! Did anyone else notice Princess Eugenie's hat? She's Fergie and Andrew's daughter, the redhead in the peach dress... and speaking of deer poops, her hat made it look like she had antlers! Really awful!

Well I didn't get my chance till HERE and the Blog had to intervene Himself - the press fawning, deer poops, are we all straight now?

Don't hold anything in, you know what might happen.

Dave Tweets. Hu gnu?

I did NOT gnu that!

I can't believe there are forty posts and nobody has observed that "Little Deer Poops" WBAGNFA rock band. Or maybe a Midwest polka band. Best of all, if Da Yoopers decide they need a new name....

Da Poopers?

>OMG! Did anyone else notice Princess Eugenie's hat?

That wasn't a hat. She HAS antlers. All this inbreeding...

It's all about inspiring classic dance routines...Astaire and the coat rack, Astaire dancing on the ceiling. T-Mobile had a tough act to follow, but did a fine job. Short, funky, and cool: 21st Century all the way! They forgot to give the "Queen" a purse, though. (Don't know about linking it here, but go to You Tube and search for "royal wedding" and "T-mobile.")

That wasn't a hat, that was Prince Charles' jug ears.

Too many hymns, not enough nudity.

LOL at Ross's antler comment.

Nice to know that Dave tweets. Some funny stuff!

Ya think maybe they're trying to put good locks into the family line? First Diana and now Kate.

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