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April 28, 2011


A Golden Bay fisherman whose wife became violently ill after eating a takeaway gluten-free pizza, took revenge on the shop by dumping 100 fish carcasses outside the shop.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Incredibly, "Kelly had been drinking at home."

Someone is a gluten for punishment

This is why I don't eat pizza, or anything else, from a store that also advertises bait.

What ever happened to the time when a three musketeers bar shoved in the owner's gas tank would produce the same effect? Well, in any well meaning theory involving the use fish or candybars to cause revenge it would.

fish heads, fish heads, rolypoly fish heads, fish heads, fish heads, where were they?? just the carcases? duh.

The scales of justice in action.

Head chef at a bait and tackle convenience store. The only Michelin rating they get is offa tires.

Fish frames? That doesn't sound so bad.

snork @ bonmot

Didn't Gluten-Free Pizza open for Justin you-know-who?

Gluten Free sounds like someplace that would make a Scotsman sentimental.

Rotting fish carcasses WBAGNFARB; an eel wind that blows nobody good.

LOL at bonmot, queensbee, and even mt who had to be imbibing like I am at the moment.

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