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April 27, 2011


TOWN CREEK, Ala. - A naked man claiming to be Jesus Christ broke into a home and took all the photos off the walls.

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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Once again, held without bond. Can't The Guy catch a break?

I will check my Bible, but I don't think that the second coming has anything to do with the removal of pictures off of walls.

Checking, Matthew... Revelation, Nope!

Why do nuts always claim to be Jesus? Why not Bill Gates or Donald Trump?

Most nuts have better hair than Trump. Or Gates, for that matter.

Please see no. 8.

maybe He was looking for that naked gym, hoping to do a little exorcising...

The casting out of wall-idols is a very serious rite in modern Christianity, or so I am told.

But the sad thing is, there is little casting out of
"American Idol" in modern Christianity.

Does "no graven images" include all printing processes? Let the theological hair-splitting commence.

"Jesus Christ! Put some clothes on!"

Render unto Creeper what is Creeper's."

Snork @ Punkin. Meanie, I've got to learn to count. I was trying to figure out how "Thou shalt not commit adultery" figured into this story.

Why does this guy come back with more regularity than late night chili?
Also, why are there so many engraved monuments to the Ten Commandments around, in apparent violation of number two?

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