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April 21, 2011


Complaints end goldfish racing at Wash. state bar

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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I guess it's back to submarine races, then.

what happened to good old fashioned dwarf tossing?

If animal rights activist get involved with goldfish treatment...there's gonna be a lot of 6 year olds going to jail.

I think they mostly objected to the little Krill jockeys using whips.

What do they have to complain about ? If they win, they get put out to stud.

They need to quit carping.

My 10 year old won a goldfish at the county fair last September by tossing a ring at the bowls. Her fish, which she named Linda, is still alive and well and does not appear to have suffered any permanent damage from the ring toss game.

I beta fin to win just for the halibut.

*groan* @ Annie

Now I need to dig out my Dr Demento album for "Wet Dream." Thanks Annie

I used to buy a bag of 200 goldfish each month for $17. They would have races with my clown knife fish, which they always lost. There's a reason why they call them "feeders." Unfortunately, when my house burned down, all my fish got fried. PETA said nothing. Neither did the Sturgeon General.

Wait 'til PETA finds out what those cricket farms down at the bait store are for.
BTW, tarantulas LOVE bait crickets but it is unrequited.
However, tarantulas do not love cave crickets, aka "camelback" crickets. It must be a matter of taste.
Also, we had an aquarium once that was a fair success for about six months. Then something killed all the fish and every fish we added as replacements. Even sterilizing the tank did not help.
We figured they just gave up on life when they saw the decor.

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