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April 27, 2011


99-Year-Old Nascar Fan Drives Pace Car At NH Speedway

(Thanks to Michael Frixen and Jeff Meyerson)


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I hope none of the NASCAR drivers were confused by her right turn signal flashing the whole time.

She no doubt has a Florida driver's license. I think I have seen her in the Publix near Century Village.

Have you ever driven behind a very short person whos head does not reach to the top of the seart. It looks like no one is driving the car!

Road age?

You go grandma!!! I'd love to see her at Lowes Motor Speedway. Maybe she could show those young guys a thing or two.

pacemaker car

You know it's bad when she only made it up to 54 mph and the man in the back seat is in the crash position.

After the races at the NHMS, traffic is snarled for miles as the track empties out. Not even the 99-year old grannies can get through.

She needs a beer can in her hand and another flying out the window if she really wants to look like a NASCAR fan.

Geezer bus?

padraig stole my comment.

I can't wait to hear Tony Stewart's voice on the radio, complaining that he cannot get to work because of these old tourists blocking the way.

bon, I am disproportionately honored to have aced you out.

*SMACKS* padraig for stealing bonmot's comment. *SMACKS* bonmot for complaining about it.

*Snorks at “I wish I could have (reached 100 mph), you know, but I went up to 53 or 54,” said Gilbert.

NASCAR - Non-Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks

Well, she's *almost* reached 100 (not mph) - but did they have to call her "die-hard"??? A little rude.

She must have been sitting on about 5 phone books.

She probably left the left turn signal on during the drive.

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