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April 28, 2011


Man gets Will and Kate tattooed on teeth

(Thanks to Bob Brogan and bonmot, who says, "Let's hope the marriage lasts longer than the tat.")

NOTE: They're not really tattoos.



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They're not British teeth either.

I'm guessing he's single, ladies.

Just sayin'.

Somewhere there is a special lady just for him.
Let's hope she's crazy, too, so they'll have something in common.

He must be a patient at Mental Dental

Just wait 'til the baby teeth come in.


There are dentists in England?

please, please, can someone knock those teeth out? mummy, may I?

He needs to floss. Just sayin'

'temporary ivory art – known as “gnasher tats”'

Didn't Gnasher Tats open for Smash Mouth?

Slaps patient in the back of the head knocking him forward in the upright positioned dental chair while giving the command, "I said SPIT!"

It seems there may be a rival to the Prince.

*Snork* @MtB

*SMACKS* Meanie. Good job though.

Someone's taught MtB how to photoshop.

Look out, Blog!

can't smile without you, meanie ;)

The first time ever a Briton wanted to draw attention to their dentition.

Was the dentist office at 10 Flossing St.?

Reminds me of the (mildly off-color) joke about the girl who had the Beatles tattooed on her inner thighs.

Donald Trump's new bid for attention.

Isn't this wedding like Wimbledon, a major sporting event that Mrs. Blog should be sent to cover, with The Blog along to report on the beer?

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