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April 21, 2011


Medics drop cruise ship passenger into North Sea

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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... I got nothin'.

Passengers assisted the rescue by eating extra portions and the buffet.

The activities director created a signup list for the next people to be dropped overboard.

Depending on the mandatory arbitration clause in the contract, the passenger might owe the cruise line extra.

Oopsie! Butterfingers!

They just wanted to see if she really fainted.

I knew going on a cruise would be cool, but wow.

This never happens on river cruises.

Or Tom Cruise's.

What's her problem? We did this all the time off the sailboat. Just grab the tow line in the back - it's fun!

The paramedics were using an old seamans' trick to keep fever down, is all.

If they could see me now
out on a fun ship cruise,
my tumble in the ocean's
making front page news...

Mrs. Richardson went active as soon as she hit the water, homing in on the rescue ship.

*snork* @ NotSherly

There is an easy fix for this. You just write in your report that the patient was combative and fell.

*snork* @ nursecindy! Altho I'm sure it's more truth than fiction.

Most Norwegian cruises feature a koldtbord, but usually the the fish are brought to the passengers, not the reverse.

Now I feel bad about refusing to go into the Florida ocean past knee-deep today because it was a little chilly.
I hope she's all right and can stop shivering soon.

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