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April 24, 2011


A chocolate Easter bunny. Kosher for Passover.



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HA! I got nuthin'. Too funny.

lissen, the kosher choco is just delish. no artificial nuthin, and should be no preservatives, corn syrup, etc. you have to eat it before passover is over, tuesday. you better start now.

Solid... or hollow ?

Oy, the kids want the chocolate, whattaya gonna do? Their friends have the bunnies, they gotta have the bunnies. But in this house, it's kosher. Everything's kosher. Except the peeps.

I prefer solid chocolate bunnies. And Cadbury Cream eggs. Although a hollow chocolate bunny filled with Cadbury Cream eggs would be pretty close to perfect to me.

It still has ears! Hurry!

Wow! I thought non-kosher was like pork, cheese with meat, shellfish. I figured chocolate was always OK. Isn't chocolate one of God's gifts?

Get it away from me, Dave. I've already committed rabbitticide today. (Which does NOT mean killing Rabbis)

Blessed by the rabbit Rabbi.

WHAT ??!! No Fiesta Eggs ???!!!

Telecom, cascarones are alive and well here in Austin, Texas.

Happy Easter to all y'all, and I hope you have plenty of chocolate!

It looks yummy. Have a nice Easter, Dave.

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next feature: The Chosen Peeps

Since nobuddy 'splained it ... I gotta ask ... to be sure a rabbit is Kosher, does that mean they hadda have a Bris?

Second question: How (in the world) would a person go about circumcisin' a rabbit ... chocolate or otherwise?

It was amazing how many Rabbis I ran into in small towns in south central Kentucky. They were only there to ensure the food produced in the plants was kosher.
I finally noticed the little mark on the bottles of sparkling water that I drink so much that means it is kosher.
Actually, I'm not sure what would make water non-kosher.

Surprise: the Easter Rabbit is neither Jewish nor Christian. How about a chocolate Cthulhu?

I'm still looking for a 3-D chocolate Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Let us not split hares here.

I'm with you, cindy - solid chocolate and Cadbury eggs. It's the real Breakfast of Champions (along with little chocolate donuts).

I saw Chocolate Cthulhu open for Metallica.

Traditional holiday breakfasts.

Easter - candy.

Christmas - cookies.

Dat's America.

Where do you get one of these? I would have loved to give one to my future daughter-in-law who is orthodox. The name Schakolad is pretty much a transliteration of chocolate in Hebrew.

little bunny bris wbagnfarb

and according to this website: http://www.bluethread.com/kashrut/rabbit-NOT.html

bunnies is not kosher anyway, even tho it is a vegetarian. it chews the cud, but has no hoofs. check in zee bibble.

choco wabbits, on the other hand, are yummy.

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