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April 28, 2011


Man drives car into Grand Canyon, survives

(Thanks to Trent Whitney)


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*snork* @ meanie

Avoiding a squirrel.

Yes, but was alcohol involved?

oh that probly needed more than alcohol. that probly was a gigantic doobie. or so i'm told about that stuff. wouldnt know. no firsthand knowledge. ahem.

wiredog stoled my comment!!

oh yeah *snork* @ Meanie!

I hate that byotch that's always recalculating!

Wonder what kind of tow truck gonna pull that baby out ?

Same directions to that scenic spot the bi polar, lounge singer neighbor, Sheba, got from the waitress they called 'Evil Debbie Knievel' at the Flagstaff Pancake House back in '94. She cleared ten buses when she went over becfore she was saved by the pine tree.

He's waiting for his Florida Drivers License.

Was tired of waiting for HIS FLYING CAR!

LeDud -- I'm thinking helo. They might have to drain the fluids from the car first. And the solid particulates that might have expelled while airborn.

Worst. Pothole. Ever.

So who was he texting?

How do you threaten nonlife?

Grand Canyon Theft Auto?

"Around 6,500 vehicles enter the park each day in the summer season." And 6,499 come out.

Lol, meanie!

Must have been driving the new Chevy Vault.

What a dip.

Cases of cars driving into the Grand Canyon are rare.

Cases of surviving...more rare.

He needed a jump.

No one ever listens to me.


Not his fault. Betcha the secret elves society that moves and removes street signs in the Greater Orlando area is franchising to other parts of the country. Anyone driving in Orlando will understand that.

This wouldn't have happened if his wife had been in the passenger seat telling him how to drive.

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