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April 15, 2011


Time to get productive.

(Thanks to Another Dave)


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That's a lot harder than it looks.

nursecindy: That's what SHE said.

Fascinating, then annoying, and quickly descending into obnoxiousness. But addictive. Kinda like Twitter.

Y'all think that's hard? Try doin' it on dial-up!

OH! ... um ... nevermind ...

It is really difficult when the page won't load and you just have to guess where the balls are, when and where they are dropping and
oh never mind

Not only does it totally waste time, but it drives everyone around you insane. Nobel Prize!

As a federal employee, all I can do is thank you from the bottom of my cold, cruel heart. I was WONDERING what I'd do for the last couple of hours at work today...

my workplace blocks such stuff. so, i had to keep working. and its no fun at home.

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