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April 22, 2011


Authorities arrested a woman outside of the Erie County jail for flashing her breasts to an inmate being held at the facility.

(Thanks to oldfatguy and Jeff Meyerson)


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Damn - I sent that yesterday.

Unfortunately, Erie County officials did not allow her to flash on her mug shot.

So now there will be a guy flashing her prison.

Slippery slopes full of sliding dopes.

Arrested? Did she not maintain the flash for the legally mandated 1.5 seconds?

Puts a different spin on the term "prison bitch"

Because of the blurring I can't confirm she is truly busted.

Could that blurry breast problem be related to the blurry groin thing Dave had going on a while back?

One way to get a date...in 6 months. eHarmony just wasn't working.

She was standing in the wrong place.

15 MPH! That's streaking.

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