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April 29, 2011


Nikolaus Trombley, 22, reportedly told police he was drunk and looking for a place to sleep when he took the lawnmower from East Lyme High School. According to police, he then took the mower and rode it 3 miles to his parent’s house and mowed the lawn.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger, who says "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime, here in East Lyme.")


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I can't get my 17-year-old to take the mower out of the garage.

buzz cut?

He actually mowed his parents' lawn?

Wowser, he wuz REALLY drunk!

(Merely rememberin' on the anniversary of my eldest's 40th Birthday, how difficult it wuz to get the kids to do whut resembled actual werk ... )

Stop him before he mows again!

THIS looks like a job for The Lawn Rangers!

*I must apologize fer the abysmality of syntacticalness in the construction of that post above ... Mr. Language person gnu whut I meant tho ... if he could read it ...*

*and by that, I do NOT intend to imply that Mr. L.P. cannot read ... I meant it as bein' too non-languagical to be understood ... *

*Gonna go quit diggin' the hole any deeper now ... *

Nothing beats riding a Scag!

I dislike lawn work when sober and can't do lawn work drunk.
Not guilty.

Please tell me Drunken Lawnmower Thief is Nicolas Cage's next movie.

*Takes away OtU's shovel*

Oh Deere.

Tnx muchly, n'cindy ... it wuz gettin' dark down here ...

Drunken Lawn Master with Jackie Chan.

So if I give my son beer you think he might mow the lawn? I'm willing to try anything. You suppose if I gave him beer he would get out of bed before noon?

OTU sounds like a traditional Irish poet. Lots of experience, emotion, and whiskey (or Guiness).

I'm wondering what "mow the lawn" means to a drunk person. Does it means he runs the mower into a tree a few times, then mows down the flower bed while leaving large footprints in it, and manages to cut a weaving line in the actual grass? 'cause that's how I'm picturing it.

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