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April 22, 2011


There was a painful conclusion to an end-of-season party when a Welsh Non-League footballer suffered severe injuries after a pool cue was rammed up his backside.

(Thanks to Catherine)


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Red card for sure.

must've been the butt end

Prison rules billiards?

I'll call the Eight ball to the forehead.

Golly, I hope they used chalk.

Cue the banjo music.

I wonder if he had the doorbell ringing app on his phone.

Methinks somebody scratched.

If I had a dollar for every patient I had come into the ER with this problem...... I'd be broke. Ouch! He needs a tramp stamp tattoo that says, "No entry in rear".

...or a billiards sign that says "no trick shots."

Considerin' the nastiness of the event, it could've been werse ... could've been a Coke™ bottle* ...

(*Old, REALLY old, leadup line to "teeth" joke punchline)

end of season, indeed...

"It was a bit of horseplay that went­ seriously wrong. We'd all had a few drinks when one of the lads did a moonie. A player picked up a pool cue and it all went wrong from there."

Or right, depending on your perspective.

A little too much English, there.

no Rack?? (NTTAWWT...)

Doesn't count if he didn't call it first.

Pepper Brooks: "Usually you pay double for that kind of action, Cotton..."

I guess he took solids?

Not for at least the next 6 months, Meanie.


Shoot the moon.

um, oww. and a snork for cindy and annie.

The sign says poker in the rear. Not pool cue. Teach these neanderthals to read.

LOL@ you all,

*grabs Meanie and gives him a hug* You've been too scarce lately!

Garsh and shucks, cindy. I agree, I've been missing way too much of this insanity. Beats the real world any day.

And please put away that catheter.

O'er the rammed parts we watched....

Didn't see that coming.

Cue tips are for ears, not rears

He got the bum rush?

I've met lots of folks with sticks up their a$$es, but not 4 feet of stick.

Confucius say, man with stick up ass more likely to crap splinters than furniture.

@loudmouth: Confucius also say - 'Vely bad engrish...'

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