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April 23, 2011


Diner threw utensil at vulgar cellphone user, deputies say

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson) (Because this was sent in by Jeff Meyerson)


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Give her a medal and send her to Washington!!

I agree with Phil. Give this woman a medal! The restaurant manager should have told the man to shut up or take his conversation outside.

Was the utensil...a...knife or something about 9mm in size? It is FL after all.

I can just hear this argument: "Well, fork you, too!"

Well, then, which fork are you supposed to throw at vulgar cell phone users?

I think we throw the tiny one on the outside.

Only if he's short, Punkin. I think that's the shrimp fork.

As long as it's pointy, nursecindy!

She's 29? I never would've guessed ... she doesn't look a day over 46 ...

... but then I'm really bad at estimating people's ages ...

I'm bored... I wish Jeff Meyerson would send in something new.

Vulgar man speak with forked tongue.

So, who the heck is Jeff Meyerson?

What ever happened to Dave's friend with the mullet? Hoptefrogger or something similar......

She should have thrown the deputy at him.

Hickenlooper! Hickenlooper!!!

Hi... I'm new here so this may be a strange question, but: there is a town in Florida named after a sea cow?

Actually, it is a county that is named after a sea cow.

After having endured a meal at what was supposed to be a fine dining restaurant seated next to some self-important a-hole that took at least 7 phone calls during dinner while he wasn't feeling up his 3 female companions, I can relate. I was seriously contemplating leaving in the middle of the meal, but there are so few restaurants that do tableside cherries jubilee nowadays...

Poor djtonyb. I completely understand. They should have 'no cell phone' areas like they used to have for smokers. My Priest actually had an entire sermon one Sunday about NOT bringing your cellphone into Mass. You would think that would go without saying. I went shopping yesterday and heard a lady scream into her cell phone, at least 8 times, "No you didn't!". I was dying to know what the other person had done but she wouldn't tell me.

vulgar cellphone user=redundant.
Thursday when i was coming back from nyc, this nutzy woman got on the train, was already talking on the phone, sat right next to me. feh. then she pulled out a second phone so she could text. really. she didnt know where in nystate albany was actually located. i suggested she check a map. i would have been happy to send her and her phones to patchogue, which is where she thought we were. too bad it was poughkeepsie. ugh. stupid and on the phone, for nearly the whole 2 and a half hr trip.
amtrak said at one point they would have quiet cars. they lie.

Ask for a jury trial, as is her right. They'll probably end up awarding her damages.

Unless, of course, the jury members are also cellphone addicts.

I can't believe on the page where the story appears there are actually a few people DEFENDING the idiot's right to talk as loud as he wants, cursing and all: "Duh...the sign says PUBLIC, get it?" What a bunch of morons. They probably think the McDonald's and city bus beatdowns are just "good-natured tomfoolery you have to expect in public," too. We are creating a nation of rude, loud, in-your-face idiots daring the vast majority of us--with intelligence and manners--to do something about it. This woman did, and if we ALL start doing whatever it takes to shut them up, it will eventually stop.

Just a clarification:

nursecindy is responsible.

That is all.


The whole "two cellphones" concept is one I've noticed too, queensbee, but I don't get it. One isn't enough?

And then there's the whole pretentious (not naming names here but various members of my family do this) "sent from my crackberry" thing, like I'm supposed to wet my pants in excitement because you have one of those.

What's up with that?

Wait. Her husband brought her back so she could be arrested? Is that chivalry, or ...?

Richard, her husband wanted justice, and ..her absence. First time he had a "break" in years.

But I DO AGREE. Cell phones and loud profanity do not
a happy diner make.

I'm thinking she's not going to be very happy with her husband.

It seems like cell phone users fall into a couple of categories. There are the people who use them when they're not socializing and talk in a normal tone of voice - you wouldn't mind that at the next table, would you? It doesn't seem much different than having 2 people talking at the table. Or someone needs to make a quick call to get info. For example, if you're at the grocery store and you need to phone home to ask if you're out of something.

But yelling profanities to yourself or others would make you a public nusicance, right? Seems like that should be the same if you're doing it on a cell phone.


@Elmo: John Hickenlooper is the Governor of Colorado (and former mayor of Denver). Dave's mulleted friend is Ted Habte-Gabr.

@Jeff: If the Crackberry is like the iPhone, the "sent from..." thing is a default signature at the bottom of emails sent from a phone, which means the user would have to 1) not be lazy and 2) have some degree of technical skill to get rid of it.

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