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April 30, 2011


City Workers Make Porn Film While on the Job

(Thanks to cyberick)


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"Disciplinary action" and "discharge" do not necessarily amount to punishment, IYCMD, AIYDINEITY*.

*And if you don't, I'm not explaining it to you.

Shoddy reporting, as usual! What was the name of the film?

This section of road will closed April 29 thru Feb 2019 for repairs. CAUTION: tues. thurs. porn filming may cause delays.

You forgot to add NTTAWWT, Dave.

i wondered why there's so many cameras in those red light districts...

" I Am Curious, Doughnut "

I just can't believe they didn't get a shot of the alleged "actress" spread eagled across the hood. I guess being spread eagled in the drivers seat will have to do.

Lewd acts? Like she wrote herself a citation?

Ugh. Those guys really need to be spanked.

I hope they bleached down that squad car. We don't want any convicts to catch something.

Completely off the subject, but Dave Barry got a nice shout out from Patrick McManus.


Caution: Speed Bumps Ahead

*recalls screaming spread eagle on husband's hood, many years ago...*

^ that's 'A' screaming spread eagle...


I would think that if you knew a camera was pointed at you, you would be careful to behave properly.
However, reality TV shows that I am delusional.

Commentator: "...And the suprising thing is that none of these officers have been disciplined..."

It wasn't the kinky kind of porn involving "discipline."

-This could only happen in Los Angeles.
-The residuals from the porn film go to the city.
-A new meaning to "Government" in action!

LAPD screwing the public, one at a time, since 1947!

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