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April 27, 2011


Man arrested for singing 'Kung Fu Fighting'

(Thanks to Lisa Gibson and Otis)


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hate to be picky. i sent this in also. and the article is hilarious.

Political correctness will be the end of society as we know it. Soon we will all be forbidden to speak. And we will be judged on the fact that our grunts and gestures offend someone or something.

I mentioned this song last week under the post about the flight attendants that were learning kung fu so this could be my fault. That stupid song was stuck in my head for 2 days and now it's back. I will admit I loved it back in the day.

I'm Irish, live in South Bend IN (fighting Irish) and ......I have no idea what my point is......

Gitmo and waterboarding for him! At least it wasn't Barry Manilow.

LeDud, as an Iris woman, we don't need a point. Wanna fight? There have been a couple of times when people have found out my mom was Irish, my dad is Scottish, then noticed my red hair and asked me if I had a temper. They never asked twice.

Alright, who left out the 'h' on Irish in my previous post?

His case is weak.

If he can snatch the pebble from the hand of the judge he will be set free

So that panda cartoon gets his knickers in a twist, too?

I saw this, but I didn't send it in, even though I know Kung Fu. And a few other Chinese words.

But Deutschland Unter Alles is still okay, right?

Godwin's Law strikes again!

Each and every time that I visit a Chinese restaurant lately, I get absolutely no response when I utter the words to a server, "You killed my Master!" My girlfriend, Girlfriend, says that I am not well. All I know is that the world used to be a lot more fun.

"And that was Martini Shark, singing 99 Luft Balloons. We will now read him his rights."

*pops Martini Shark's balloons* I hate that song.

Anyone singing that (KFF) should be arrested.... Not for racism, just because! (But I *like* Luft Balloons!) Sorry, nc. Please don't hurt me!

It's a small world after all.

Hey, Mickey, kum ba yah.

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