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April 26, 2011


Man bitten by own pitbull after urging it to attack neighbour, police say

(Thanks to Arctic Al)


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tastes like chicken

And they say dogs aren't smart. He was trying to tell his owner that he was a jerk.

"Police in Sudbury, Ont., say a man was walking a pitbull Monday night and stopped to urinate in a neighbour's yard...."

The dog had better manners.

Who urinated in the yard? The Pitbull or the idiot?

This is the new Webster's Dictionary defintion of a loser: you order your dog to bite someone and it bites you instead

Note: the dog had been drinking. The owner was just a douche.

I quarantined a Chow once. No, actually I quarantined that dog three times in one month. Bad dog!
Anyway, one of the times involved a neighborly dispute where the NEIGHBOR told the dog to bite the owner and the dog did.
After that month, I never ran into that Chow again. My guess is that the owner rethought the whole dog-ownership concept.

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