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April 13, 2011


Thanks, but we'd prefer a bottle.

(Thanks to pokerplayer)


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So...alcohol was involved, then?

Who'd of thunk it?

There stands the glass.
Fill it up to the brim
It's my first one today.

it is a belgian style brewery, and they do serve the beer warm over there

Slick as p!$$ through a goose.

So, blog guys, how difficult a task is this?

Well, NotS, if you use a funnel, not difficult at all. Otherwise...bring plenty of paper towels for the cleanup.

After a lengthy argument over whether Budweiser was better than Pabst Blue Ribbon, two old friends decided to have the beers analyzed by a laboratory. When the results came back the statement said "We don't know what is wrong, but don't work either of these horses for a least two weeks."

Like the song says, he'll never pass that way again.

In New Orleans a number of years ago, down on Bourbon Street I felt the call of nature.
I found at that time that all the bars I went into required you to buy a beer before you could visit the facilities.
After I had explained to a bartender that my cup runneth over and would hold no more, he let me buy some stranger a beer.
Which I did, considering the circumstances.

He screwed up?

Maybe he meant that he should have held out for another 10 mill, not that he pissed in a glass,
which, you will note, he never NEVER apologized for.

In other news PLISS is his new beer project, to create a beer that reminds him of one and ryhmes the other (bliss). Who says you can't have both in a beer?

Ok i've done a lot of dumb ass stuff (esp. when alcohol was involved) but never that. by "that" i mean selling Goose Island to A-B. i really like Honkers Ale but maybe nevermore.

as for the other, pretty low.

At least he didn't do a literal interpretation of leaving a bar stool..

It must have been quality stuff - there was a collar of foam at the top.

The drunker I get the worser my aim is.

I may have mentioned before being in the presence of a man who was so drunk he COULD NOT find his zipper.
He must have liked it; it gave him a warm feeling.

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