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April 08, 2011


A Yuba County man who allegedly blew out his son's stereo speaker with a shotgun after complaining about loud music won't be charged, according to the Yuba County District Attorney's Office.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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It is sad that we cannot just walk up to boom box cars and do this. that would be fun, when the deaf guy drives by with his stereo shaking the windows, just run out and blast the speakers with a shotgun. coooooooo

FYI anyone who blasts music that loud is either deaf now or soon will be

Looks like some innocent vowels in the dad's name were hit by shrapnel.

Shoot to thrill, but don't play to kill.

Apparently minimum wage is not enough to find reasonable doubt. The son wasn't even scared. Reaks with insufficient evidence IMHO. Any jury in it's right mind knows insufficient evidence when it hears it. Kablooom!

"The report did not indicate what music was playing."

If it was either 50 Cent or Justin Bieber, the dad could have gone nuclear and still gotten off the hook.

Or, padraig, it could have been one of these guys.

I've often wondered what the members of The Who were up to nowdays.

One shot = at least two speakers -- now that's gun control.

If it was Manilow no jury in the world would convict.

Unloaded a shotgun in the house and didn't damage the tasteful decor?

*snork* @ California Nut Festival banner ad!

tough love that

Everybody's a critic. YEEEEAAAAHHHH.

Yes, I am a part-time Trekker, the preferred term,
and in Star Trek 4, a punk with a boom box blaring on a bus gets the nerve pinch from Spock, who then turns the radio off to thunderous applause.

Although the nerve pinch can be painful, and some schools of Gung Fu claim there is a fatal version,
it seems like a better approach than shotguns.

Even the deadly version.

But no doubt not as much fun as blowing away the offending speaker.

BTW, since the spam guy thinks its okay to spam us,
how about we find his name and internet address and
make sure he gets boatloads and truckloads of spam
daily? Turnabout is fair play and also can be really fun....

I loved that bit in Star Trek 4 with the nerve pinch! Spamming the spammer could cause return spam.

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