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April 22, 2011


Annual 'watering of the girls' goes back centuries

(Thanks to bonmot and Bob Brogan, who says, "The dawn of the wet T-shirt contest.")


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Excellent point, Bob. I think you nailed it.

"Watering of the Girls" would be a good name for a rock band. Quite fitting I would say. They could open for Twisted Sister.

Wouldn't this be more of an anti-fertility rite?

Hate to throw cold water on your parade, but there's one girl in that picture that is several years away from being old enough to participate in any fertility rituals.
Just the dad in me talking.

Now I've got that "running of the bulls" bit from Northern Exposure going through my head.

I probably shouldn't have watched the piano-playing clip first.

Wouldn't some kind of plastic pauncho be more practical for the girls ? (I still have mine from Niagra Falls)

Next week is the whoopying of the cushions.

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