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April 28, 2011


Douchebag Monkey beards.

(Thanks to KJP)


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your crossout says it all.

Vote for Pedro.

Dear Blog Guys; This is a definite fashion DON'T! Dave, could you have made the picture a little larger?


So he's trying to attract monkeys with this???

'Dapper Dan' looks more like Curious George

If we grow these and the monkeys don't, they will become the dominant species. Our cause of extinction will be bad fashion sense.

Leapin' Losers Lemurs!

Kinda makes me wanna PULL on it.

Lemur alone.

They don't get to hang around with any girls.

"Do you like my beard?" he asked, as he stroked it langurously.

Lemme guess. All these "monkeys" are single, no?

It could be worse. Think of the bad images we might have to face if the trend were to have "Baboon Buttucks"....

Baboon Butt has already been done.

I think I invented this one day back in the '60s when I was in college (with all that implies).
I did a better job shaving when I "felt better".
It's all kinda hazy.

Ain't that special. If he's lookin for a little tail he simply has to look in the mirror.

Snork @ Annie! I have a feeling that's all the tail he's going to see with a beard like that.

As if a Royal Wedding could top that.

Hey, douchebags cool dudes, if you want to look really hip, have it tattooed on!

He's just begging to have feces thrown at him.

Huh, I thought I saw the Cheshire Cat's smile fading out on top of his head.

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