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April 30, 2011


A teacher in the middle of a sudden spiritual awakening celebrated his moment of Zen by stripping naked and strolling the hallways of his school in the nude, police said.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"Sudden Spiritual Awakening and the Moment of Zen" was Sting, right?

Dumb Zen vegans. One trip to Taco Bell and they find nirvana. He said third eye opened. Heheheheh.

♫ In the mood, that's what he told me
In the mood: 'It's zen' he told me
In the mood, he started strippin'
It didn't take him long to say "I'm in the nude now"

Now Loudmouth! (I thought the same thing) Good one, Sandy.

He's the taco the town.

Opening that third eye at your place of employment will get you fired every time. Notice that the cops kept their third eye under wraps and they still have a job.

So he got sent to detention?

I worked at Taco Bell (Employee of the month 6/77). I often had to take my clothes off after work to rid myself of the smell. The zen awakening was probably a bean burrito with sour cream.

I worked at Carls Jr. for 3 grand and memorable days way back in . I quit after I was yelled at by the "Manager" for sweating.

But, as luck would have it (For the the customers and myself) I never had to remove the "required KC uniform) (A white shirt and dress work-pants).

All that, for $2.82 an hour!

Wasn't this scenerio a scene from the 80's Nick Nolte flick "Teachers"?

He had been drinking a coke and had gone to taco bell to get tacos for lunch. And he thought he could get away with that in America.

Our family having experienced a glancing blow with mental illness (she is recovering), I wish this gentleman the best.

Hey, mister teecher!!!! Hey, it's me!!!

I thought your third eye was supposed to be on
your forehead and not on your schlong!!!

he was thinking outside in his buns - (very zen)

thank you cindy

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