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April 21, 2011


3D porn film outsells Avatar

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Yes, but how well does the Avatar porn film sell?

(Also, you gotta be careful with those 3D porn films - you'll put your eye out.)


Jeff, if you put your (not you're) eye out you're (not your) doing it wrong.

So what was James Brown doing there? I thought he had

I thought the spraying of the audience was taking it a wee bit too far.

Soon at a Thigh-Max theater near you.

There are some things that shouldn't be in 3-D. This is one of them.

Ya think? Porn is always out in front of the industry. Viva la front.

Exactly how much did Jeff buy to make it outsell Avatar?

Someone needs to come up with 4D with Smellovision.
Or, maybe not.

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