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April 27, 2011


The royal wedding.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)



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I suspect there might be some forgery going on. No corgies.


Anyone else on the blog planning on getting up at 4 a.m. to see the wedding? Me either.

Wait, we have to get up at 4? My invitation says it starts about 10 a.m. Brit time.

At 4 AM I don't get up for anything.

London office is closed on the day. I won't be watching, but I'm on standby. In the Central US time zone.

The odd thing is that during the unpleasantries in the 1770s-1780s, my family was on their side.

I was asked if I would watch the royal wedding. Honestly, the romances and marriages of the British royal family aren't as interesting to me since they're no longer allowed to behead one another for infidelity, inability to produce a male heir, etc. Does that make me a bad person? *grin*

I won't get up at 4am. I don't get the big hype about this. I watched when Prince Charles and Diana got married. It had an air of intrigue, and graciousness to it. To me this is just a wedding.

Minx, in my home state we appreciated the fact they could marry their cousins as well. Those were the days! Let us not forget "jus primae noctis" either. It's good to be king.

As zero hour draws closer and the Royal British military 'squint' into ready mode a French surrender is imminent.

King of what, WV? A tiny island known for its bad teeth and badder food?

Choreography for the royal divorce should be better. Sorta like Jets and Sharks.

I think Dave should go cover this. It would mean a totally tax deductible trip to Europe but he would be doing it for the good of Americans interested in the more unusual aspects of a royal wedding.

Jeff Meyerson, and I, in two different actions, and not in concert, sent that in three months ago.

At least I think I did.

*Pours measured powder from horn into musket barrel.
Puts ball of lead in muzzle, picks up musket, cocks trigger. Puts down musket, searches for lost musket ball, finds it, reloads, stuffs scrap of newspaper down muzzle. Rams paper, ball and powder down musket with ramrod. Pulls hammer back, raises upright musket to shoulder, hides behind stone wall, looks for NMUA's ancestors.*

Reptilian wedding? David Icke, say it's not true!!!

Seriously, not only will I not watch the wedding "live", but unless there are car crashes and explosions will not watch the evening replay either.

Wake me when things get back to normal, if they ever do.

OK, saw the wedding. Don't have to get up at 4 now.

*snork* @ notsherly.

America has ketchup.
Mexico has salsa.
Germany has mustard.
Japan has soy sauce.

How bad does your food have to taste for your national sauce to be vinegar?

HAH! I posted this on FB the other day. Pretty clever.

Cindy, I got up at 4 am to watch Diana's wedding and I'll probably do the same for this one. Should we be drinking at that time to celebrate?

I hate to admit this, Siouxie, but I'll probably get up and watch this one also. I think a box o' wine would be an appropriate accompaniment to the wedding.

I also heard on TV that the Royal Wedding Cake is going to be a fruitcake with white icing. Not my first choice.

Probably the same fruitcake that's been passed around the US of A for ages..finally made to the UK. Most likely in a 1 qt resealable bag.

Of course there will be a fruitcake the wedding. There is a fruitcake at all British weddings. He's called the groom.

notsherly --
No need to add to the shooting. Connecticut seized the farms and property to pay for the war. The family in New Hampshire was on the winning side. Thankfully there wasn't Thanksgiving at the time or there would be some really awkward silences during the meal.

The only lingering impact is that I'm drawn to learn Cricket, enjoy Gordan Ramsey and Jamie Oliver shows, and occasionally I type with a British accent running in my brain.

WVplantman, from where in the state do you hail? My dad is from Weirton.

BaBa Wawa will cover the consummation. (Leno last night, but just so ooogy)

If they actually did that, I'd be for rejoining the Empire. Dang, that was cool.

Where were Yoda and John Cleese ?

Loudmouth, you referenced Jets and Sharks without the obligatory admission of being a geezer.

Oh wait, we already knew that....


*Offers NMUA some tea.*

Wolfie, you want them to do it Glee-style?

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