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April 27, 2011


Plaque in Glenville honoring Superman creators stolen

(Thanks to Sean in Akron)


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The plaque was made of aluminum? Wouldn't steel have been more appropriate?

At least it wasn't kryptonite.


Up, Up & Oy Vey!

Now I'm worried about the security around the Dave Barry name plate on that sewage processing plant in North Dakota. Could that plaque be the villains' next target? Is nothing sacred? How much could I get for it on Ebay?

UPDATE: Someone stole the plaque off justin bieber's teeth!


Rumor is the city is going to change the name of St. Clair Avenue to Lois Lane..

I bought the DVD of the original Superman TV series. Now, I can instantly be taken back X number of years by simply hearing the introduction.
For some reason, I still can't fly. But my cape is much fancier than it was back then.

It went to Bizarro alternate reality.

OT: I just googled myself, now that I am officially part of a research group, and, man, if you know my last name, you can find every skeleton in my closet. My religion, my career, my penchant for sarcasm, everything. Scary. And now, you can find my picture, too.

On Topic:
"Kirksey said the plaque will be replaced and this time Jerry Siegel's name, which was misspelled on one side of the plaque, will be correct."

His name was spelled incorrectly, and now it's not. Methinks, I see a motive.

1) Go to nearest college withy fraternities. (2) check rooms.

I never really trusted Lois Lane, especially when she was Teri Hatcher. But she does have nice plaques.

Maybe Supe can do something about the spammer?


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