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April 27, 2011


'Females are failed males,' says 16th century guide book on women

(Thanks to Anil Haji)


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whattcha lookin at here? keep moving.

Yeah? And romantic comedies are failed action flicks.

So even back then no one understood those creatures. They always scare me.

Failed males?! You come back here, Dave Barry, and discuss this with us "failed males". I notice the blog guys are being unusually quiet on this subject.

Albertus Magnus? Maybe Big Al had jug ears and a gap-toothed grin and this was this the 16th-century Mad magazine.

Now is when we girls need to board our way back machine and give a good twacking to Albertus.

Wanna sniff my lettuce?

The important news is the "related item" to the left ...

Chubby fashion models 'will make women fat'

A book that old would be out of copyright, so watch for it on GoOgle books.

I may be failed, but you can't blame me for cheating.

This is from "A Physician's Counsels To Man In Health And Disease." By Walter C. Taylor A.M., M.D. published in 1872. His views on contraception.

These practices favor libertinism. A man who would fear to seduce an unmarried woman lest a child should be born, is induced, by knowledge of this kind, to persuade her to her ruin. It is an inducement to dissipation, and hence a danger to society.
The tastes and habits of sensuality are thus fostered. Wives, for their own sake, ought not to countenance them. The holy rites of the marriage couch ought not to be made solely the satisfaction of sexual instincts, and marriage thus defrauded of one of its noblest aims. The wife is not so much respected, who thus comes to be regarded merely as a companion with whom to lead a lascivious life. She is in danger of sinking to the level of a mistress. Her moral prestige, that halo of modesty which forms her greatest charm, is imperiled. Any fate is preferable to this. Better suffer by the minor annoyance of numerous children than forfeit her domestic happiness.

I've sniffed a few lettuces in my time.

Also, Sniffed Lettuces WBAGNFA '60s folk band.

*reaches up and adjusts my halo of modesty*

A good woman is just a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke.

"women being able to kill animals with a glance during their time of the month"

I will be brave enough to state that I don't find this hard to believe.

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