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April 25, 2011


Like most people, you probably often ask yourself: "What, exactly, are my legal rights if I am wearing a bunny outfit?''


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''Generally,'' observed the judge, ``stealth is preferred when engaging in such activity.''

Now they tell me.

I should have borrowed a bunny suit and worn it in Naperville's Apple Store, which is conveniently located next to Anderson's Bookshop. Hopefully I wouldn't be arrested, but told to come back for the next Dave Barry book signing.

judi, are you sure Jeff Meyerson didn't write this column?

Further, what, exactly, are my legal rights if I am wearing a Jeff Meyerson outfit?

Bustin' Peter Cottontail,
hoppin' right down to the jail,
Flippity, floppity, pokey's on its waaaaaay.

Not only didn't I write it, Siouxie, I was just going to thank Judi for reprinting it since I don't remember it at all.

There's a pill for that, Jeffy ;P

I don't remember this article either but I love it. I'm guessing both of those guys were single.

Meanwhile, in Scotland....

Furries, in general, and the Easter Bunny in particular have always struck me as suspicious.
What they're suspicious of, I have no idea.

There are some jurisdictions where wearing a mask in public is illegal. Guess where?

And don't try to open a mask near Ground Zero.

I would think it would be okay as long as the bunny suit was kosher for Passover.

By any chance was officer Travis only allowed to carry one bullet and was his boss named Andy? Stepping slowly back onto the geezer bus now.

About the Scotland thing, do any of you have dogs or cats who notice if you are clothed or naked? Mine don't. That's a ridiculous restriction. About the mask thing, most southern states don't allow it because of the KKK. It's a reasonable law.

My cat is unfazed if I'm unclothed. Come to think of it...so is my wife.

Since most of the rules only apply to those people in bunny suits who drive steam rollers or go duck hunting (or is it going duck hunting while dirving steam rollers?) I wouldn't worry about it. Just stay away from houses with large caldrens of boiling water on them.

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