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April 29, 2011


An elderly Plant City man, who slept with a gun under his pillow for protection, accidentally shot off the tip of his finger, Hillsborough Sheriff's deputies said.

(Thanks to Josh)


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Police were able to finger the suspect thanks to a finger tip.

Pillow Case closed.

How hard is it to find a picture of an actual S&W 357, instead of using a picture of a BGlock? Must be pretty challenging

A Smith & Wesson beats four aces.

Good thing his local ammo shop offers a four-finger discount.

In Plant City the deputies get to name people and they haven't gotten around to this guy after 90 years?

Must have been some dream.

My thots exactly, TDPC ... tooken me about 22 seconds to glance @ the S&W pages ... which brings to mind the followin' thot:

Why would I EVER believe ANYTHING this reporter/media outlet/website puts before an unsuspectin' public? This sorta lazy crapolaness is exactly why no one trusts "The Media" any more ... too lazy and stoopid to get the facts straight ...

Feckin' Royals ... Feckin' Brits ...

OK ... /rant ...

If he wanted to sleep with a pistol, why didn't he just buy Siouxie dinner?

(Actually, his way may be safer.)

* pre-emptively ducks under cyber-machete dope slap*

padraig, for my birthday yesterday Siouxie gave me a lovely replica of her machete. So watch out. My aunt, that once shot at the Gov. of Georgia's helicopter, always slept with a gun under her pillow. My dad would always make sure the safety was on when I had to bunk with her. That's what loving parents do.

Mamaw used to sleep with a loaded pistol with the safety off under her pillow.
Until we pointed out that she could lose Papaw if she sneezed in her sleep.
That would be awkward. People would probably talk.

Well, Steve, that'd possibly depend upon which side of the bed which she (and he) slept, and whether she wuz right- (or left-) handed ... that'd have sum bearin' on the bearin' of the direction of the muzzle-being-pointed-in ... and mebbe she'd only've injured the headboard ... or not ... whutever ...

Ha Ha Padraig. Touche (and ducks....)

Mamaw is definitely of the "shoot first and ask questions later" persuasion. We keep telling her it will land her in trouble.
But she just asks, "Who's going to complain?"

Mamaw wuz prolly countin' on the Castle Doctrine to dismiss any who might've been a bit testy as to her reaction time and such ... merely sayin' ...

I had the same reaction as pirate to the photo of an autoloader in a story about a revolver. Is being stupid a requirement for reporters these days?

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