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April 26, 2011


For $70,000 a night with a two-night minimum and a very strict cancellation policy, you can rent Liechtenstein.

(Thanks to PirateBoy)


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Did anyone notice a problem here? They allow you to print your own currency with your own face on it. In that case, I'll rent Liechtenstein indefinitely...just turn on the printing press each night and print up another $70,000!

Ach du lieber Liechtenstein!

No thanks. I think thats the country run by Dr Doom. I don't like his robots.

Can I issue Florida drivers licenses to everybody?

Reminds you of this?

Only if I can bring my nuclear arsenal with me. Bwahahah. Not Frankenstein, Liechtenstein.

Personally, I think we all ought to take up a collection, and rent the joint for the weekend. Just consider the possibilities:

President Dave!

Currency with Judi's photo on it!

The RBR's will be the Official National Band!

Puns shall be outlawed.

(No, forget that last one...)

I'm in for $20! Anyone else? All we need is another $139.980, and we can party like it is 2011!

I'm in for $20. $139,960 to go.

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