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April 13, 2011



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Man. Ridley must be one heck of a friend if he managed to get you to remain in a room with him long enough to write a book series. I suppose Peter and the Starcatchers was written from the top on a Redwood.

actually they were in different cities through most of the writing process ;)

This is the column I've been trying to remember. I love the part about the coffee. One thing I've noticed though is Dave jumped off a tree, Rob slid between two trees, but... has Ridley actually done any of these things or does he just watch?


Good word for calling someone.


*snork* at "Bob Packwood" line

When rappelling from a tree or ziplining between them, there is only one way to avoid being smacked, skewered, or split in two by wayward branches. Send someone sturdy ahead of you to clear your path.

Then, when you poison their coffee, it will appear that they died from their arborial injuries.

Shoot. For me, coffee is basically the elixer of life or at least of being awake and now...

I wish someone would take ME up in a tree...and hand me a rum and coke. I could be quite happy...being as I do believe that people who like to climb trees were squirrels in their former lives.

What else explains it?

Ridley..loves puppies, climbs trees, and has the knowledge to poison anyone without getting caught.
All Ridley needs to do, is to put Hollie Berry up in that tree to get his buddy Dave up there...

I think she is a tree climber..yeah...definitely.

Great piece..I couldn't stop laughing...thanks for posting that one.

batman gets beat up in Vegas!! you have to see this!!


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