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April 26, 2011


Tampa police say woman tried to buy her 80-year-old father a prostitute over Easter weekend

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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There's a resurrection joke in here somewhere.

This happened at the AW? You know- the root beer place?

Ever since they got rid of the drive-in concept, AW has sure gone downhill.

Aaaaw. Sweet. Soon to be a movie on Lifetime.

(but $20?!? WTFBBQ! Take that back to Iowa, ya cornfed cheapskate.)

At his age Maurice needs two prostitutes. That way they have someone to talk to if He falls asleep.

Every day is Father's Day.

...hoping that more than eggs got laid

He got off because someone Tampa'd with the evidence.

That's not "buying", that's "renting". Sheesh. What're they teaching reporters these days?

No, "What Dad Really Wants For Father's Day" headline?

I hope my daughters love me enough when I'm 80 to spring for more than a $20 hooker. Let's not kid ourselves, at 80 it would probably take a $20 hooker just to get the pump primed for a real hooker.

Does his HMO cover this?

Bet he gets off....sorry, poor choice of words. Bet his case gets dismissed since the evidence won't stand up in court.

Every day is Father's Day.

Loudmouth, that was my thought too... if only she'd waited for June and asked for the Fathers Day discount.

Will somebody please turn off the Florida weirdo magnet.

Dyslexic dog bites owner after he says, "Sic em!"

No one thought that maybe daddy was rich and she was trying to knock him off. Can we all say heart attack. hahahad Oh well if you gotta go.

Daddy must be SO proud.

The actual charge ended up being assault with a dead weapon.

Here in Mamee, for a twenty she'll call you Honey. Once.

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