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April 26, 2011


Elderly Delaware County Couple Receives 5-Pound Brick Of Marijuana By Mistake

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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But, the shipping documents say the package weighed 10 pounds.

woah, dude, what a misteak.

(Seriously) it might not have been a "mistake". In suburban DC, there was a drug distribution ring that worked by having packages delivered to innocent addresses with the crooked UPS/FEDEX (I forget which) drivers supposed to intercept the packages before their final delivery.

Hey what else does an old person have to do but take a few tokes during the day. Either that or read blogs all day writing inane comments???

Why did those mistakes never happen to me when I was in college?

Beat me to it, wiredog.

Even now it would be ok.

I think we're all jumping to conclusions. It might have been for medical purposes...a regular Clara Barton Brick.

Good point, David. There was an incident a few years ago when a Maryland SWAT team barged into an innocent home without knocking and killed the owner's dogs, due to such a delivery. The owner, who happened to be a mayor, understandably says his family was traumatized; he pushed for a Federal investigation. Don't know whatever came of it.

The AARP is getting more and more aggressive aren't they?

cindy, at least they're sending something better than a keychain.

New experimental Social Security payment plan. More valuable than the money.

At their age, smoking a joint is going to make them head for the buffet at 3:00 and be in bed by 5:00

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