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April 21, 2011


Stay out of Sindh.

(Thanks to Lani)


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Done and done.

Almost pretty, if it weren't spiders.

*hides behind Punkin*

What's to fear? I took a walk through the woods near St. Augustine yesterday. There were hundreds of Nephila clavipes (banana) spiders in there; each about 1/4 inch long on webs about 4 inches across. By August, they will be nearly as big as my hand and the webs will be 4 feet across.
But they will always be harmless.
The mosquito that bit me on the leg is a heartless b!tch who died a horrible and too quick death. If those spiders are eating mosquitoes, protect the spiders.

From the spider general: Peccavi.

Harmless? the hefty one that dropped onto my son' face from an overhanging branch was not harmless - it nearly gave him a heart attack.

And the 10-year-old down the street who was bitten in the face while he slept by a brown recluse still has a scar.

*goes back behind Punkin to continue hiding*

I was bitten on the leg by a brown recluse several years ago. I also still have the scar and hope to never have that experience again.

For those whose Latin is rusty and therefore suspect Ralph has been smoking something, look up Charles James Napier.

Pity the monkeys.


Why was the 10-year old sleeping be a brown recluse? And what (or who) bit him?

be ^by

Yes, spider bites do occur and some have unfortunate consequences. But when I was young, I was engaged for a short while to a young lady who would take offense at some small comment. Then, she would slap me sideways.
We didn't know about abuse back then, but she fit the profile of an abuser.
Luckily, it did not put me off women, so to speak.
I still love them, at least those who do not slap.
Just because you run into a rare bad one, do not paint the whole group as evil.

I know it's not logical, but spiders and snakes give me the creeps.

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