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March 28, 2011


"Should we change our name?" asks Analtech.

(Thanks to Jack)


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Add a colon and you'll feel much better.

um, duh.

"Where on earth did you come up with a name like 'Analtech'?!"

Not on earth.
More like uranus.


Bottom line, they'll need to squeeze out a fresh one. How's about ...


They paid a marketing company to come up with that? Did they have their heads up their butts?

" Juvenile " humor...!?


Reminds me of Dr. Tobias Funke (the Analyst-Therapist) from Arrested Development

How about "Can'tlaughatournameanymoretech"?

I don't know...it has a certain ring to it.

Thin Layer, is that like single ply?

HOw about changing it to BUTTCO?

I'm afraid to answer their survey. What if I win the colonoscopy?

I read once, don't ask me where 'cause I don't know-oh (from Hair!, I believe) that anal patterns were as distinctive as fingerprints.
How someone figured this is a mystery.
I usually like mysteries but this one, not so much.

An logo with what looks like a flame and the word Anal can't be good. Prep H stat.

They said tech! Ha ha.

Ah... Anal Tech. My old school.

... logo with what looks like a flame and the word Anal can't be good.

Does seem overly hot for the application, doesn't it, Loud?

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