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March 31, 2011


Wonder no more.


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Nothing screams 'soul brother' like a thin tie and suspenders.

And vinyl.

Play that funky music white boy
Play that funky music right
Play that funky music white boy
Lay down the boogie and play that funky music till you die Till you die
Oh ya, ya

Obviously not our Dave.

Ours has more rythmn, and better fashion sense.

And more soul. and humor.

Nuff said.

So true, Cheezewiz.

If he is the DJ, why does the other Mr. Barry

have a guest DJ?

The ENglish are indeed...strange unique.

Who is Soul Sister Number One?

Since Judi sings, I guess she would be Soul Sister Number One. Does Barbershop Music count as soul?

A true 'soulman' should have backup singers - like 'Barry & the Blogettes'

Sounds good Dave. If you were close I'd go.

Why are the prices in the ad on top in dollars? I thought Ireland was on the Euro, except for that one part that still uses miles and pounds.

We're about ready to ... rocksteady.

And the guest DJ will be Horkian' up some Blues.

Dances, the only Horkan that will be goin' on will be if he plays any Manilow.

fo shizzle brer dave.

Only our Dave could put "Danny Boy" to rap.

Be very afraid, Michael Flatley.

That is the symbol for the Euro. The Republic of Ireland(if which Galway is a part) uses the Euro, it uses kilometers for distance measurement and speed.
The UK(what is left of it) uses the pound sterling and miles for distance and speed. That includes Northern Ireland (at least for the present).

Yeah, whut Wizkid54 said. Hey, UK, go pound sterling.

Well the price is right, but I'm a wee bit far from Old Galway.

If my old pickup got better gas mileage I'd think about making the trip.

Will you be doing a mash up of Jay-Z and the Kingsmen?

What happened to Adrian Cronauer ? Did he quit ?

I thought our Dave was often confused with Barry White. He wrote a column about it.

I was going to write something snarky about Google directions from Kentucky to Ireland, but Google messed me up by saying I couldn't get there from here.
As a young man, that's what I thought about old age, but I found it.

Isn't "Soul Brother Number One" the name Pol Pot used while he was in his rhythm and blues phase?

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