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March 29, 2011


Shawn has superglued a miniature sequined fedora to the side of his head, and what was fashionable by night has become a living nightmare by day.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb and Jeff Meyerson)


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It's going to take a lot more than removing a hat to make him quit looking like an idiot. As an experienced ER nurse let me just say, " Rrrriiiipppp". No more problem.

Is this what the Canadians refer to as a "Hat Trick" ?

Duh, does't nail polish remover work on superglue? I'm assuming, with his boyfriend and all, that he's single...

Fingernail polish remover. Dissolves super glue.

doesn't affect stupidity.

"Are you trying to make me look like a fool?"

"Naw, you did that already"

Old three stooges lines.

Wait til they see how he kept the garter belts on.

Remember "The Money Pit" ? Tom Hanks - Shelly something-or-other ?
Remember when the bathtub fell through the floor and smashed in the grand entry hall ?
Remember how Tom Hanks laughed ??
That's what I did, after I saw this.
Then I read the comments, and I have to say, I am still wiping tears off my face. Key quote from comments:
Why'd they cut the top off the hat ? Now it looks like a sequined donut. How is that better ??

Tiny little hat for a tiny little brain.

Glue one to the other side...hang out at D!sneyland ...maybe you'll get paid.

it sure is cocked to one side


yep - acetone. talk about dummies.
and, fyi - the man who invented superglue died yesterday. seriously, named Coover. saw the obit in the Times. hope he doesnt stick to the inside of his coffin..............

Any hardware store will sell superglue remover. Maybe they've never been to one?

Steve, I'm guessin' not. Florist maybe. NTTAWWT

Ooooh, snap, Steve! Never been to a hardware store - that's harsh...and probably accurate.

In a semi-related tweet,

The @NHL & @getglue have struck official partnership for sports-related check-ins incl rewards for fans during playoffs

I think it's a real live asshat.

Since he went to the Emergency Department for this, they should have amputated, preferably at the neck.

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