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March 30, 2011


Guys are responsible for virtually all important inventions.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Guys? Dave this is a Machete shooting slingshot. We all know siouxie was behind this, somehow.

Man, if I only had a nickle for every time I said I wish I had a machete shooting slingshot.

Of course Siouxie was behind this. If she were in front of it, she'd get hurt.

Might be cool, but the baby-blue Esprit shirt kills the presentation. Might I suggest some camo gear and a few scars?

Now if he could just combine it with a boomerang...

I think Siouxie is the one holding the camera.

It looks like Michael Chiklis. Is he aiming at ABC

because they canceled NO ORDINARY FAMILY?

THIS guy has a 'MCchete' - Siouxie is The 'MAmachete'
('n she could take his McNuggets any day)

Looks like it would be real handy in an emergency, as long as you are REALLY accurate (or have a 6-machete auto-load clip), and as long as you are within a 3-foot range.

Dave, guys are responsible for what they think are important inventions. His wife was out of camera range with a tetanus shot and a telephone in case 911 needed to be called.

Woah! He is SO ready for the zombie apocalypse.

I did find the 'Carved a notch in the tip to accept the rubber.' to be kind of disturbing.

His launching device looks more Pinewood Derby than actual weapon.

I am going to give you blog guys a tip. If you want a woman to do anything you desire, invent self-dusting furniture. Trust me.

Big whoop. Wake me up when he can sling a chain saw. Now THAT would be a boon to civilization.

"...leave it to the stupid experts..."
Men are irresistibly attracted to stupid and to women who point out that their stuff is stupid.
Women who point out that their men like stupid stuff should pause and think.

*smacks Steve with stupid stick*

I'm down with stupid. I'm stuck on stupid. Stupid makes the world go 'round. What's love got to do with it, Tina?

A machete crossbow might be more effective.

Lets face it. A woman couldn't come up with something like this. Maybe some kind of scrapbook abomination, but not a work of genius like this!

That guy has some really cool videos. He is obsessed by slingshots. One is a shotgun slingshot that beats the machete slingshot to pieces.

PS. fivver, he has one made from a condom.

Cindy, engineers are hard at work on that. Search for "Lotus material" But it's one of those things like nuclear fusion, which is always the wave of the future.

Thanks, Elon. Hurry up Wilhelm Barthlott!

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