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March 08, 2011


The Charlie Sheen Jewish Name Generator

(Thanks to Shmuel Tennenhaus)


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eh - schmuck is a jewish name, as is putz, schtick dreck, and, momzer.
why would anyone want to attach a jewish name to him?
get him off the front pages!

It is like watching a car accident. Once this pathetic creep falls, no one will care.

Have I missed some connection between Charlie Sheen (not his real name) and Jewish names?
The difference between this guy and train wrecks is obvious: train wrecks are at least faintly interesting.

last i checked ole charlie was born carlos estevez. kinda not a jewish name.

It's because he applied a jewish name to his non-jewish producer in his rant that got him fired.

actually, his producer IS jewish. sigh. he changed his name.
he obviously had some kind of antisemitic rant or something.
i think he needs his father to smack him down or something.

Don't anybody tell Dave but I'm trying to start a campaign for him to replace Charlie Sheen on 2 1/2 Men. I think he would be great! As for Charlie Sheen that large sucking sound he probably hears is his career going down the toilet. I read his termination letter from CBS and evidently this behavior has been going on for some time. During some of his scenes they had to place him close to furniture so he could lean on it in order to not fall down. The drinking and drugs are bad enough. He lost me when he started abusing women. Never funny.

Sarah Baum here

I'm confused - is cocaine Kosher now?

It gave me the name Monica Lewinsky.

Natalie Portman here...could be worse. Another version of my name gave me Babs Streisand.

It just randomly chooses names. I don't think the input does anything.

um, question siouxie - you meant SHIKSA, right? Spiksa isnt a yiddish word. Shiksa, on the other hand, means 'non-jewish woman'.
and i agree cindy - and he tanked a very funny program all by hisself. my fave character - holland taylor, who plays his mother.
who is charlie's mother anyway - i dont think its the woman that martin sheen is married to these days.
not sure charlie can save himself. too bad. he was very good.
and he has all those children!
he needs help, or he will surely be, well, .. you get the pittchah.

Benjamin Loxspread here.

Oscar Meyer Shnitzelman? Seriously?

i just googled him, turns out charlie's mother is someone named templeton, martin's first wife - and she was actually jewish. so he's all mixed up and a mess. i'd like to feel sorry for him. but, nah.

queenie, I have a very good friend who is Jewish and he's always called me his "Spiksa" cuz I'm Cuban ;)

Technically, yes I would also be a Shiksa. Know any nice Jewish men??

I also love Charlie's mom. She's hysterical in everything she does.

*snorking* @ tony "Oscar Meyer Shnitzelman"

I like Berta, the maid, and Charlies mom on the show. Give those characters more screen time and I think the show will do fine.

cindy, I love Berta too!

Berta always gets the best lines... I sometimes wonder how some of that stuff makes it past the censors!

i agree about mamma and berta, and now i get the spiksa name, and no, i dont date jewish men! its difficult to get them away from their mommies. my guy is eyetalian.
you realize i'm in albany new york --- you wouldnt wanna leave sunny miami for this frozen tundra, woudya? even for a haimishe (nice) jewish boy?

I got Miluv Bar Refaeli, but I would prefer you pronounced it *My Love*.

And *snork* @ "spiksa"!
Being of the brown persuasion myself - that totally speaks to me !

Ooooooh - sorry about Oscar Meyer Schnitzelman, Tony, but privately lollering. ;-)

Um, Bar Refaeli is the name of a swimsuit model . . . ummmm, according to that Wikipedia type website. Yea, not on the tip of my mind at all. . .

Robert Zimmerman = Bob Dylan. Cool. Then Schmeli Katz came up.

Chaim Levine?

No, honestly, I'm fine. Howard Yu?

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