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March 30, 2011


It shouild stay in the water.

(Thanks to many people)


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I'm sure I saw Slamming Eagle Rays open for the Scorpions.

They're from Illinois, they should have been ready. We've got so many Asian Carp in the Illinois River people bow hunt them from boats when they jump.

MeThinks it was pining for a better life. Trying to move up the evolutionary trail a bit too quickly.

Then decided to "take out!" some of the competition!

That, or it was being chased by something REALLY BIG.

One of my daughters and I were swimming in the Gulf off Sanibel when we were surrounded by a school of Manta rays. We were in the water, no boat to get in to, when suddenly these animals much larger than we were came up all around us. My daughter climbed me like an old tree.
It reminded me of an old joke about a boy getting water from the bayou.
"That 'gator was more 'fraid of you than you was of him!"
"Well, Granny, you wouldn't of wanted THAT water, anyway."

Discovery Down Under had just finished showing this!

I have a deal with Mother Nature. Wildlife stays outside of my house and in exchange I won't scream and kill it. I'm going to add fish staying in the water to this deal. I'm sure this particular fish was embarrassed since he was jumping to impress a potential mate.

'The collision knocked her to the deck...
which quickly became the poop deck

The Eagle Ray tried to ring her bell. It was just ones of those rays that goes dong.

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