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March 01, 2011


But we definitely did.

(Thanks to David, and John Pollak)


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shout it from the rooftops! "i told you so you ding-dong half-wit tree-huggin nanny-state lovin' al gore believin' hemp-wallet-carryin' fair-trade, free-range won't-somebody-think-of-the-children nincompoops!

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of ......justice.

Many years ago, the State of Kentucky made a rule that, if one were to want a "privy" installed, it must be over a septic tank and drain field to service the waste.
I objected on two grounds; one was that if you had room for the septic field, no one in his right mind would want a privy. Just put in a toilet.
Two was that septic tanks work with the proper ratio of liquid to solid, i.e., about 2 gallons of liquid per solid "deposit".
Given enough beer, I might make the attempt, but in the long run I couldn't make one of those work. Besides, given that much beer, many men try to mark their territory, instead.

How has that worked out in KY, Steve? Everything high and dry?

Bravo, mudstuffin'!

Well put.

Another Bravo to mudstuffin! I agree 100%. I'm sure some of the people living close to the smell agree also.

I woulda thought most of San Francisconians woulda already had their pipes reamed out.

(Yes, woulda is a word if I can use it in a poorly constructed sentence.)

Succinct: Government Stinks!

Does fecal matter?

For every problem Government "solves", why does it seem to crate a dozen more?

(Answer: Planned Survival, so long as idiots turn to
government to solve problems.)

One of my co-workers one day got a call asking about the legally-mandated "splash distance". Since he was unaware of the requirement, he asked for clarification.
It was "How far over the creek do you have to put the seat of your privy so the splash doesn't hit you in the hindquarters?"
And, yes, I found a church that had built a rather elaborate two-seater spanning a small creek next to the sanctuary.

'bout time somebody raised a stink about this.

Sounds like the need a royal flush instead. All together now 1...2...3!

This material belongs on the agenda of the next meeting of the Privy Council.

When these cities are payin' their hired help that much money ($200K in some of the examples listed), yet have the nerve/stoopidness to embark upon damfoolishness such as low-flow toilets ... they deserve all the crap they get ... (IMHBCO) ...

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