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March 29, 2011


Leesburg Plans To Ban Jello, Pudding Wrestling

(Thanks to Chuck Cody and Joe in Japan)


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Dang, we just left (my mom lives there). But let me tell you, it's really not a jello and pudding wrestling kind of town. They do like their bikers, though, as long as they're the retired doctor/lawyer/professional boomer types who spend money.

What the hell are they going to do with all the whipped cream they bought?

I guess there isn't always room for Jello.

This shall not stand!

Well I just ain't going then.

Jello shots are still OK though, right?

Layzeeboy - have you ever tried to get those jello bullets into a gun? It ain't easy.

Kraft Foods is suing Leesburg for using their trademarked name, "Jell-o." So, booger.

Bill Cosby won't like that.

" He says the city doesn't specifically bill Bikefest as a family-friendly event; it's mostly motorcycles after all."

That is a slap in the face to a growing segment of american society.

So other brands of gelatin are ok, right? Cool...whip.

I agree with Biker. As a former biker 'babe' I've found most bikers to be decent, caring people. They are usually among the first to do a toy run for underprivileged children in my area at Christmas. I love it when they ride in the parade with the teddy bears and dolls tied to the backs of their bikes. It was also a bikers club that kept the nuts from Westboro church away from Elizabeth Edwards funeral several months ago. As for no events with desserts is pie throwing still okay?

Um, if they're not gonna be needing that chocolate pudding, can I have it?

Not surprised. Lake County banned even thinking about the opposite sex years ago!

Maybe they would prefer a little upscale. Tussle in tiramisu?

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