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March 14, 2011



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Remind me not to hang out with Dave the Beaver Rappellent.

The important thing is did you have fun, Dave?

"But I was quite tipsy a house guest, so all I said was 'sure.'"

Ditto to AWBH.

Ridley, let's go into the Everglades for some snake and gator wrasseling?

"Hey Rid, wanna tour the crackhouses? Great, climb in, I'll drop you off on my way to work!"

I remember one column where Dave was staying at Ridley's house. He was right in the middle of drinking a cup of coffee that Ridley had fixed when Ridley mentioned you could murder someone by poisoning the coffee grounds and no one would never know. If I ever go to Ridley's I'm staying on the ground and making my own coffee.

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