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March 31, 2011


A U.S. trucker was saved from choking to death on an apple by slamming into a median.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Yeah right Dave.

I guess I have to thank the wall.
I remember saying that once. Or maybe doing that.

Tequila may have been involved.

saved by a semi-Heimlich maneuver

I've taught First Aid and CPR for several years for the American Red Cross. I'll have to remember to relay this tip. Does it still work if you're driving a Prius?

My bosses father worked with a guy whose claim-to-fame was being able to swallow a sandwich whole (no chewing). They found him dead in the break room one day.....having choked to death on a sandwich. He had a bruised stomach area from slamming himself into a table (self heimliching). Words for the wary.

LeDud -- it worked for me. Guess I'm just luckier.

Trucker: " Thanks, Wall. "
Wall: " Up yours. "

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