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March 29, 2011


Citizens call for fracking moratorium

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Yep. He's a Cylon.

Within the past 12 months or so my area has become the "Texas of natural gas" and drilling is taking place everywhere. The term for the technique they use is fracking so it's a word that most of us are getting used to hearing on the news every night. Still snicker like a school kid though when I hear someone say, "We don't know what the long term consequences of fracking are," and "What are they doing with the fluids that remain after fracking?"

Fracking is public is very impolite.

Not to mention expansive.

Stupid right-wing religious nuts. "Abstinence" my a$$.
What? Oh.

I fracking miss Battlestar Galactica

We've got a lot of fracking frackers werkin' here in Nodak ... sum folks merely say that fracking is the sound (smell? taste? touch?) of MONEY!

Count Frackula.

Another geology term that gets snickers, for some reason, is "cleavage," the tendency of minerals, like salt or mica, to break along smooth planes. So I'm teaching a class once, and there's a girl named Micha, but pronounced "mica," in the class. Then, totally not thinking, I describe cleavage (giggity) and note "Mica has perfect cleavage." That whole corner of the room went into Uncontrollable Giggle Mode for the rest of the period. Fortunately, everyone concerned took it as funny.

Did she?

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