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March 28, 2011


But somehow they never get old.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I've always liked Heino

"All My Friends Are Dead" - classic title.

And who can ever forget the classics by Joyce or Tino?

I've never wanted to be "Vera Lee" so much in my life. Of course, I've never heard of her before today, but she appears to have a better life at 83 than I do at 39.

Can I borrow a feelin'?


You have to wonder what happened to the youngest member of the Smylie Family. Mom was really busy at the old sewing machine wasn't she? I've never seen yellow gingham pants before. At least not on a man.

Do we regret that album cover art went out with the CD ? Maybe not.

I'd swear that "Steve Warren" is really Weird Al
Yankovic in his "Fat" MJ parody makeup....

I wonder if that was the look he was going for...

and if the music "Makes me wanna Dance" why do you,
mystery artist, look as if you are sleeping on the outdoor lounger?

Can't push a river? I think she could sure push something with those IYKWIMAITTYD

Pass the brain bleach!

Do You Want To Touch Me...um, not with a ten foot pole.

Fofgve the typos. Ive gon blind...

Is it bad that when I saw Tiny Tim's Christmas Album, I was instantly struck with curiosity?
He passed me once in a hotel we were both staying in. "Tiny" was obviously ironic. You could have had an entire Catholic League deep-fried fish dinner from wringing out his hair.
Oh, and you're welcome with the diet help.

Guess it was Fat Tuesday in NOLA.

"Dance Before the Police Come" would be a great name for, well, nothing, really. Certainly not an 80's era hip hop album.

Thank the FSM none of those are in my collection.

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