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March 24, 2011


Now: coyotes.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Apparently it made it thru security ok.

"They've even had alligators turn up at some Florida airports," Bergen said.
Oh, so that's what they're claiming is the cause of the fire? A gator bbq that got out of hand?

When I first heard this story, I thought they were talking about Mexican smugglers.

Did they have carrion luggage or did they have to check their bags?

I live just north of Atlanta and yep, we've got 'em.
A few months ago I saw a pack wandering through the woods behind my house. That was followed by a spate of 'lost dog' signs in the neighborhood.

Well, the real problem is that the gators and coyotes don't know where to go to catch their flights.

I had the same problem at the Atlanta airport.

Wait a second...is this a "setup" for that airline that has the "talking" animals on their tail wings?

I think that EVERYone has coyotes now. I'm pretty sure that there's a whole pack living at the back of my wife's farm. I haven't checked because it's pretty far back there and I wouldn't know when I passed onto someone else's land.
And a strange farmer with a shotgun trumps a coyote any day.

They're even in upstate NY at my parents' place. Bobcat are now scarce there. Maybe that's how the coyotes got there - they flew.

Out here in Cali, they're so abundant, they've gotten very aggressive in order to survive. Some truly desperate ones have even resorted to selling Amway.

I thought coyotes and ravines were restricted to the sets of western movies.

Was it ugly? When it ran over the edge of the ravine did it run on air for a second or so?

Call. off. your. tired. old. terminal. evacuators.

Maybe the coyote thought the planes were big birds scaring up jackrabbits. We have at least one around here that we've observed snatching prey first spotted by a golden eagle -- doesn't share either. Eagle flushes jackrabbit. Jackrabbit heads for cover. Coyote meets jackrabbit.

Eastern Coyotes have been reoccupying a niche vacated by wolves.
The ACME Corporation is looking forward to the new business.

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